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Want to buy a rack, but don't want to build your own? Here are some suggested racks, put together by staff at Bogong.

For each of these racks, we'll assume that you already have following: rope, harness, climbing shoes, locking carabiner, belay device, sling/safety.

Bear in mind, this is simply a starting point. The idea of these lists is to get you thinking about what you need for a rack, and an idea of cost. At Bogong, we can tailor your rack to suit what you want and where you want to spend money. Call (03 9600 0599), email us or visit us in-store any time.

Very Basic Rack

For straightforward, well-protected single-pitch trad climbs.

Budget: ~$600

The Middle Road

For well-protected multi-pitch trad climbs.

Budget: ~$1200

The Lot

For multi-pitch trad climbs that don't have special requirements like monster cams, multiple cams of the same size or a triple set of brass offsets...

Budget: ~$2200

Questions? Visit us or call us on 03 9600 0599.

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