La Sportiva as a brand started making climbing shoes in 1928 – that's nearly 90 years of making mountain footwear. In terms of modern climbing shoes as we know them today, La Sportiva was one of the first brands to make them. And, even today, they still make what our staff think are, arguably, the best climbing shoes in the market.

One of the things we like about La Sportiva as a brand is that when the designers at La Sportiva create a good shoe, it stays in their line and they keep making it – year after year. La Sportiva's climbing shoe designs aren't changed for change's sake. For instance, the La Sportiva Mythos is the best selling climbing shoe model in the world ever, and it's been unchanged since 1991. And it's still as good a shoe today as it was in 1991. In 1997, La Sportiva released the Miura climbing shoe. And, it's still a popular choice today.

What's great about our range of La Sportiva climbing shoes is that it doesn't matter what level of climbing you're at, nor the foot shape you have – it's likely that we have a shoe that will fit you, and fit you well.

It doesn't matter if it's your first pair of shoes – which might be the La Sportiva Tarantula or La Sportiva Tarantulace; exceptional value-for-money, entry-level shoes perfect for learning to climb. Or comfy, all-day trad shoes like the La Sportiva Mythos or the La Sportiva TC Pro. Or the classic La Sportiva Katana and La Sportiva Miura – which are excellent do-everything, multi-purpose shoes. Or the more technical shoes &dnash; like the La Sportiva Katana Lace, La Sportiva Miura VS, La Sportiva Otaki, La Sportiva Solution, and the No-Edge shoe the La Sportiva Genius.

Pretty much, it doesn't matter who you are – in our La Sportiva climbing shoe range, we'll have a something that will fit both your foot and the sort of climbing you want to do with it.

See our range of rock climbing shoes here.

Need help choosing a pair? We've made a Climbing Shoe Guide (that includes both our brands – La Sportiva and Red Chili). Also, check out our breakdown of Climbing Shoe Types, where we talk leather vs synthetic, and laces vs Velcro.

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