Protecting Our Environment: Bogong’s commitment to Bush Heritage


Drys Bluff (Taytitikitha)

Amongst the towering Black Gum trees, with the Drys Bluff (Taytitikitha) cliff looming beyond, sits a beautiful plateau known as Glovers Flat. Just 55 kilometres south-west of Launceston, in an area known as Liffey Valley, Glovers Flat is home to some of Australia’s most critically endangered trees and animals. Its beauty is breath-taking.

Over the past 30 years, Liffey Valley has become a beacon of hope for conservationists across the world. This is in many thanks to Bush Heritage. They are an independent not-for-profit who buys and manages land across Australia, to protect and preserve. Most recently, Bush Heritage purchased the 94 hectare Glovers Flat property, connecting two previously acquired reserves that neighbour the lot.

Bogong is delighted to announce our commitment to help protect, maintain and sustain Glovers Flat through Bush Heritage.

As part of Bogong’s commitment to our environmental and social responsibility program we are proud to announce a long term funding commitment to Bush Heritage for the ongoing conservation management of Glovers Flat Reserve in Tasmania. We have always been devoted to supporting the protection of the nature we love. For many years we have done this through Bush Heritage.


Glovers Flat Bushland

Why Tasmania and why Bush Heritage?

Bogong owner Neil Blundy cut his teeth hiking in the wilds of Tasmania. His love and affinity for the Tasmanian mountains runs deep.

“Supporting Bush Heritage offers us a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to protecting a part of the Tasmanian bush” says Neil. “We have donated to Bush Heritage for many years, but when this opportunity came along it was time to step up to the plate and formalise a substantial funding arrangement over five years.”

Bogong’s donation will help with the cultural and ecological assessment of Glovers Flat. It will also aid in the implementation of the thorough management plan for this gorgeous landscape.

“I just love the Bush Heritage model for conserving our country and wildlife", continues Neil. "Instead of relying totally on governments to do all the heavy lifting, Bush Heritage, with the help of supporters, gets on with the job.”

Bush Heritage first began when founder Bob Brown purchased the area now known as Liffey River and Dry’s Bluff Reserves in 1990. The organisation today spans Australia, managing and protecting 11.3 million hectares through their own reserves and partnerships. Glovers Flat is adjacent to the original reserve Liffy reserve known as Oura Oura.

At Bogong, the connection we share with our customers is a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Whether we’re enjoying sunny mountain top days or rain soaked sojourns through the glistening green Tasmanian forest, we are driven by the beauty of nature and the experiences it provides, no matter the activity. Bush Heritage shares this vision.

When you choose to shop at Bogong, you help us support important, worldwide initiatives. To read more about the causes we sponsor, please visit our Sponsorship page here.

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Drys Bluff (Taytitikitha) from Oura Oura

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